“Keep Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe” say Topshop & PETA

Animal welfare charity PETA has teamed up with high street heavyweight and recent Vegan Fashion Award winner Topshop to produce a window display at Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store, campaigning on behalf of exotic animals that are killed for their beautiful fur and skins.

‘Keep Wildlife Out of Your Wardrobe’ is the tagline of choice for the window and Topshop’s fashion forward as always and cruelty-free fashion alternatives are on display.

This initiative encourages shoppers to visit PETA UK’s website to sign the pledge never to wear animal skins or fur, which Topshop unwaveringly refuse to sell.

“Topshop knows that the only place for exotic skins is on their original owners,” said PETA senior programme manager Yvonne Taylor.

“Through the years, Topshop has set the industry standard for promoting animal welfare, and its latest high-profile display at the heart of London’s busiest shopping street will help save many snakes, alligators and other animal victims of the fashion industry from an excruciatingly painful death.”

Join the fight here: http://blog.peta.org.uk/2013/03/a-top-message-from-topshop-keep-wildlife-out-of-your-wardrobe/